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Your inner beauty revealed.

The best time for a massage is when you don't have time for one.

Spa Services

In Spa Services

For the locals who want to be treated with our fabulous spa services

Villa Services

For our international clients, we'll take care of all your needs. Just relax and prepare to get a wonderful experience!

ChezRene Beauty Spa offers the following services:


Tired muscles?  Let ChezRene take care of you


Refresh and revive! Your face needs a clear and bright glow.

Womb Wellness

Take care of the most delicate part of you!

Body Sculpting

Try our body sculpting services and see the difference!

Waxing Services

Give your body the supple, smooth and soft feel - professionally!

Waxing services provided by ChezRene Beauty Spa in Barbados. Find more and other services at

ChezRene Beauty Spa Gift Cards, Gift Certificates

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